Cast Iron Skillets

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Cast iron skillets have been used for many many years. One of the great advantages of cooking with cast iron skillets is that the skillets heat up evenly and continuously. These skillets are very durable when used and cared for properly. And are a great source of iron (please consult your physician if you think it can affect your health). Another great benefit is that once you are done sautéing, you can transfer the skillet to the oven without having to change to a baking dish.

Nowadays, cast iron skillets are available pre-seasoned and at very reasonable prices. You can find cast iron skillets at Target, Amazon, even at Burlington and many other stores.

This is how I store my skillets

A lot of people are intimidated (like I was) and think that they will ruin the food or the skillet itself. However, you just need to follow some steps and there will be no sticking and your cast iron will work for years to come.

  • Always preheat your skillet starting on low heat, you don’t want to overheat the skillet.
  • Apply oil before placing the food in it. This will prevent sticking.
  • Avoid stirring too much.
  • When you are done cooking, let the skillet cool for a few minutes and while still warm, wash with warm water and dry completely with a towel.
  • Apply a thin layer of oil and store ( I use a silicone brush to apply the oil).

*Do not soak in water, this will cause it to rust.

I use a silicone brush to apply the oil before I store it
Cast Iron Skillet 
Cast Iron Rack 
Silicone Brush